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Opening Night


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I'm probably gonna do a flex plan this season. If not, then I'll go the stubhib route. I will be there opening night, even if I have to wait on the ten dollar line like I did 2 seasons ago.


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Playing against Dallas is really putting a damper on my opening night excitement. I may just go for the Washington game the next day instead.

Dampers? It's Jason Arnott's first game back with the Devils and it's against the same team we beat for the cup, the team he scored in double OT. It makes it more special and fitting imo. Normally however I would agree with you...but with Jason back on the team the only other team that would be better to see us play opening night = the Preds.

Yes I know this was a page back but me clicking on the thread took me to the first page and I wanted to respond to this.d

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