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I don't know jack about actually investing in anything (stocks, bonds, etc), but if you really don't think you need that chunk o' change for a year or two, you could look into putting it into a CD at a bank. It's nothing flashy and it won't make you "win big" given the low interest rates on CDs, but you could at least pick up more than in your savings account. Last I checked, 1-year CD was a touch over 1%, 2-year was about 1.4%.

Again, not a fantastic option if you really want it to grow, but pretty safe.

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It's all about the risk you're willing to take man, all about the risk. You can play it safe with an energy or precious metals based mutual fund, or go high risk and buy BP stock. Either way, if it's a decent amount of money and not just enough to cover a new pair of Supreme TotalOnes or something, I'd ask a pro.

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It all depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. I would be all about dividend paying stocks. You can easily clear 6-10%+ on the dividend as well as any price appreciation.

Some ones to look at - do your own research etc etc etc:

Verizon (VZ) 6.25%

Altria (MO) 6.42% - Phillip Morris

Analy Capital Management (NLY) 15.46% - Real estate

American Capital Agency Corp (AGNC) 19.88% - Real estate

Linn Energy (LINE) 8.30% - Oil/Nat Gas extraction

Kinder Morgan (KMR) 6.31% - Oil/Nag Gas pipelines

Enerplus Resource Fund (ERF) 8.80% - Oil/Nat Gas extraction

Generally you have your blue chips, real estate and energy companies that tend to pay out. Most pay quarterly some pay monthly.

Of course there is risk involved in anything but with savings and CD rates pitifully low I think it makes sense to branch out a bit.

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