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Greetings from Texas

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I have been a long time reader of the board, but finally posting again. My old user name is locked in my college e-mail address, so I am starting over fresh.

I have been a hockey fan my whole live and a Devils fans 'offically' since 2001. After finishing graduate school, I hoped to move north where I could actually watch hockey live; however, I was incredibly lucky to get in a job in my field - only it's in Houston. I find myself having to defend hockey and my passion for the Devils all the time. My cable company here is unable to get the Center Ice package so I missed the second half a last season, but I am having my satellite dish installed tomorrow just in time for the season to start.

I plan to be at the Dallas game in February and I would love to meet up with fellow Devils fans living in Texas.

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Been a fan for quite awhile myself. I live in Odessa, TX. We have a CHL hockey team here, but they're nothing to do cartwheels over. I do plan on going to the NJD/Stars game in Feb too! Hope by then they get out of their funk. :)

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