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So I wandered into the Times Union Center...


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So strange story...but I was in Albany doing a field trip from Syracuse for my architecture studio. We are doing convention centers, so on our way to NYC we went to the Empire State Plaza Convention Center, and the proprietor said to check out the "Times Union Convention Center." So we walk all the way to the Convention Center (I still hadn't put 2 and 2 together at this point) and we went around to the front, and it seemed empty but maybe open. I realized when I walked in the front when I saw the Albany Devils Team Store that this was the arena where the Albany Devils played! I was pretty excited, and we literally walked in the front doors onto ice level, where guys were doing maintenance on the jumbotron, but it seemed as though the players had just gone back to the locker room, since the bench was full of frozen pucks and water bottles and towels. I snapped some pics, so anybody wondering what the inside of the Times Union Center looks like from down there can see. Also, I grabbed a practice puck as a souvenir, looks kinda beat up and you can see the red tape on it. It was pretty cool to just walk right out there, no questions asked, even the guys on the ice didn't seem to care or notice my group of 15 students walk in.

We then left the "convention center" and I was the only person who didn't think it was a total waste of time...

full album

team store

ice level

banners in the rafters

lowered jumbotron+center ice logo

player bench

my souvenir

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That's a brand-new scoreboard, so they're probably still trying to set it up. You can see that they haven't put the corner pieces on yet.

So happy to see that the River Rats banners have been kept (though it looks like they've been moved). There was a conspiracy theory going around that the Devils would force the arena to remove those.

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