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David Clarkson


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I'm not going to make fun of Clarkson. He's a good guy. Let's just make fun of the Leafs.


I try to make fun of him as little as possible because I liked him s a Devil and don't blame him for signing this deal. I am laughing at the Leafs when I bash this contract, not Clarkson. I don't enjoy it when people on here root for him to fail.

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i liked clarky a lot as a devil.. he was never supposed to be some star high scoring forward he was a grinder and enforcer here.. so yea if youre asking for more then what someones role is then i could see why you might be displeased with a player.. he wasnt a high scorer but the season of him bringing in 30 goals was just a bonus... and of course obviously no one understands why the hell the leafs paid him that much money he got lucky i guess.. but when he was here i liked him a lot he filled his role in our system perfectly.

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