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Yeah, it really depends on your area, there are some where you absolutely need to know French and some where you will never, ever use it... I'll be in downtown which is very, very heavily English but obviously pretty bi-lingual at the same time... the first language used is usually English but if someone wants to speak French most can comply.

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Buddy of mine and I went to Larry Robinson night at Bell Centre last year. We arrived 2 hours before the Devs/Canadiens game, so we figured we'd stop in at Harveys and get some burgers.

My friend is a francophone with okay English. I'm an anglophone with okay French.

I made my order in English, got my stuff and headed back to the table. My friend takes 5 minutes longer - I'm almost done and he's just starting. I asked what happened. He was fuming. "This is Quebec. The official language is French. I ordered in French and the order was completely wrong. The cashier apologized - she didn't understand French very well and was guessing at what I was ordering."

So, yeah, if you are in the downtown area, you are actually better off with English than French. (-:


BTW - I hope that you guys don't mind us Canadians taking over your message board. (-:

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BTW - I hope that you guys don't mind us Canadians taking over your message board. (-:

My team was joking the other day - I said I couldn't play next semester cause I'd be in Montreal. First they tell me, "Bring back some hockey skills, they'll teach you." :lol: I'm not that good, just starting.

Then they reconsider.

"Actually, just bring back some Canadians. They know what's up."


I agree with you about downtown. Went to a bookstore there and, since it was my first time there, I spoke in French. They just looked at me funny like, look, my first language is English, your first language is obviously English... then he just spoke back in English.

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