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GDT 10/8/10 vs. Stars


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Do you guys really believe MacLean would play Taormina for 21 minutes if he was such a liability out there tonight? Obviously there was already a plan in place before the game began to give Taormina major minutes tonight, but I don't think MacLean would have stuck to it if he believed that continuing to give him heavy minutes would be a detriment to the team.

The fact is that Taormina probably played exactly like what MacLean wanted, which is why he kept getting sent out. At the same time, you have to keep your expectations realistic. It's not realistic to request Taormina to be a top defenseman in his first NHL game. He'll make mistakes, which he did, and that was acceptable to MacLean. Tallinder, on the other hand, is a seasoned NHL veteran who has no excuse for the performance he displayed tonight.

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why can't a guy coaching his first NHL game (alright, I know it's not really the first NHL game he's coached... lol) spazz out a little bit too? he had 7 D, which is an odd situation to work with in the first place, and made some odd decisions.

I mean, you wouldn't put Volchenkov out with Fraser, but there we were.

the guy shouldn't have played as much as he did. but it wasn't like Johnny Mac had other choices worthy of greatness. my annoyance is more than he's here. he's going to play while he is here. it'll be like a Pavlov experiment, but the problem is, if you send him away, who's coming back? Davison? that's their problem, they have to have Fraser/Urbom/Taormina around because of what they get paid.

and yes, if Tallinder follows up with performances that look anything like that, after the break-in period, I'm going to be disgusted, because I could have had Mike Mottau for a 3rd of the price on 7/1 and a 5th of the price a couple weeks ago.

he's not someone I'm overly familiar with. I know what Volchenkov does. Tallinder, to me, I remember him being a good defenseman on a really good team, then he was in a rut on a not-so good team, and then he played well with Tyler Myers.

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I didn't catch the first period, but the game went exactly as I thought it would with the exception that I expected the Devils to actually win, especially against a team like Dallas which really can't match us in overall talent, but had the better team effort.

I am sure Ovechkin is pysched to play our defense after losing to Atlanta.

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Pros: Arnott line and Kovy line were solid. Can't ask for anything more then what those 2 lines did.

Cons: Zubrus line came up short in effort IMO. Whats the point of being a grinder if you can't grind minutes without getting scored on? Our defense was extremely porous. I understand we have some rookies on our team but that defensive effort just won't cut it. Not in our division anyway. We won't go anywhere if we give up 3-4 goals a game.

It IS only one game though. 81 games left.

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It was Kovy's fault we lost. trade him.......................... LMAO.

he was in a luxury box.

There was plenty of empty suites he and his choice of any and the restaurant ledge seating was pretty empty as well.

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