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GDT: Pittsburgh Penguins @ New Jersey Devils 10/11/10


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i dont care anymore what we got to give up front... we NEED to get a dman... i'd throw that freagin first pick i didnt want to give couple weeks ago right now... so pissed

Mottau had the GW PP assist in today's Islanders win over the Rags. Just sayin'.....

The same Islanders who are short Okposo, Tavares and Streit, but manage to show more then this garbage were watching.

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Twitter has turned into a pile of dirt Kyper, Hradek, and TG are all fags.

dude, teams get off to slow starts. just take it easy.

I haven't seen Kovy make one play.

Move him off the right wing and put Elias on the right and Arnott center them.

Zubrus and Pelley have looked good though.

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Look at it this way, I did not expect this start, but where has a good regular season got us the past 3 years? Out of the playoffs in the first round, so this start might actually be a good thing. Eventually they will get consistency and start winning. They can start 0-8 for all I care, but all they need to do is make the playoffs.

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Johnny Mac looks like he doesn't even want to be the Devils coach to be honest. Looks scared.

That is the sad part. Johnny Mac has earned this opportunity and basically given a handicapped group of players.

On a side note during Pens second intermission (as the game on not online through the Devils radio "network") Pens announcer stated: "The signing of Kovlachuk has thrown a monkey wrench into the usual competitive team that Lou Lamoriello puts together".

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