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GDT Bruins @ Devils 7:00pm EST


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I would like to see Moose get the start tonight. Marty I think needs a mental break away from things a little bit and some time to take the outside look of what is happening on the ice.

Zubi played really hard last night along with Tao.

Lets Turn it around boys!




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I'll be there tonight. Bringing a friend who's been to one hockey game in her life (and that was a Ranger game last year, so it only barely counts). Let's get the win. Also, please start Moose. Back-to-backs are a big part of why he's here. It's a testiment to Marty that he got a shutout while not playing his best so far, but he's been a beat slow so far. Give him a night off.

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Moose was brought it to help Marty down the stretch, so we can give him a rest towards the end of the season, so he's ready for PLAYOFFS. If you force Marty to sit a game where he wants to play,

1. You'll hit his confidence and low confidence = poor goaltending

2. Mac will probably piss him off a little

3. It's the beginning of the season and he's not tired

4. “With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.” - Emerson

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