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GDT Bruins @ Devils 7:00pm EST


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How anyone can watch Langenbrunner play that period and continue to defend him on this board is either wearing 15 colored glasses or can not see the obvious.

But i forgot, he made one smart play in 5 games and 1 period that led to a win, so it's all good!

I have been saying that about Marty for years.

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1-4-1 tells you to SCREW our sense of calm. We have the most talent on offense we've probably ever had, and we can't score in a strip-club with a fist full of singles.

I like this, because the thought of a strip club gave me more excitement than watching us play 5 on 5 like we are on a Penalty Kill.

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lol the game isnt over yet and teams do slump, you know

This isn't a slump. It's a complete lack of anything approximating a decent effort.

When your coach has to use the yelling card three games into the season, and still no response, you can tell how the rest of the season is going to turn out.

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