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GDT Bruins @ Devils 7:00pm EST


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This isn't a slump. It's a complete lack of anything approximating a decent effort.

When your coach has to use the yelling card three games into the season, and still no response, you can tell how the rest of the season is going to turn out.

yeah....its not a slump? we've outshot teams in most of our games, outchancing them too. you guys are acting like we've been dominated

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"Maybe they just aren't playing well".

Nope. We just flat out suck. It'll change, I have faith. But we have a slow goalie, a putrid defense, and a bunch of offensive "stars" that couldn't hit water if they jumped out of a boat. This team needs a shake-up, and trading captain cry is step 1.

I agree in trading Langenbrunner.

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Ok so Moose being in the net changes this score tonight? Please. Some of you are on crack with the goalie bashing - it's reached a ridiculous level now. The Bruins have 2 one timer goals tonight and a goal that they had 3 cracks at to score on before it went in. Wtf would you want any goalie to do when the team turns over the puck and then just stands there like a bunch of stiffs?

This team is collectively playing like sh!t. How is that not obvious? Mistakes all over the ice.

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and to add insult to injury the interview seguin? fvckk off

Would you rather see an interview with one of our guys saying some clap trap like "we just have to play our game"?

We're lucky that the local cable networks are still airing our games instead of basket weaving. Or perhaps unlucky, you be the judge.

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