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Hasan's recaps


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Oops, I went and fixed it earlier today and forgot to post back. :P

This will probably interest no one but Derek and DM, but here goes:

DM's right, we'd been having problems getting a feed from BoNY ever since you moved back to Blogspot. Well, today I looked into it again and I did manage to pull a feed, but it doesn't contain the full articles, just the first little bit. Still, better than nothing, and the board's RSS importer adds a link back to BoNY so you can read the whole thing if you want, so that works out.

Another issue was, even after I managed to wrestle a feed out of the site, I discovered that Blogger does not support the single-author feeds that we prefer. The last time we let the full BoNY feed through, there was practically a mutiny over the fact that Rangers articles were being posted, so I knew I had to do something about that. After wasting some time fiddling with Feedburner and generally beating the crap out of Google, I (re)discovered Yahoo Pipes, which is a powerful tool for all sorts of data manipulation. After some tooling around, I finally got Pipes to work (for a while it insisted upon not including the article content, only the titles), so now Hasan's recaps should be showing up. :)

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