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H E L P!!

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On the 19th, the devs come to buffalo which is right acorss the lake from me!! So im reeeeeeeeeeaally trying to find tickets but i dont really know where to go or anything like that...i already tried ticket master and it didnt even mention that they played on the 19th...

so if anyone could help me or something that would be really great...



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From the Sabres website:


Tickets for every regular-season games are currently on sale. Contact TICKETS.COM, Tops Friendly Markets or stop by the HSBC Box Office.


Buffalo Sabres vs. New Jersey Devils

Friday, 12/19/03

8:00PM EST

New Jersey Devils

HSBC Arena

Buffalo, NY


Select a Price Level (all amounts in USD)

Best Available (all price levels)

200 Level * $89.00

100 Level Preferred * $85.00

100 Level II * $64.00

100 Level III * $55.00

100 Level IV Top Shelf * $39.00

300 Level I * $37.00

300 Level II * $30.00

300 Level III * $23.00

300 Level IV Fan-Attic * $15.00

* Discount tickets available in these sections.

Type Section Row Seat Price

ADULT Section 300 12 16 $15.00

ADULT Section 300 12 17 $15.00

per ticket convenience fee: $7.00

Order Processing: $3.00

SubTotal: $40.00

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Yah, fortunately the Sabres don't use Ticketmaster. I would imagine Tickets.com is just as bad though. :D

I thought I heard somewhere that Canadian fans can buy tickets for the same price as US, except in Canadian dollars? Meaning if it was $50 in the US, it would be C$50 as well? Not sure about that though.

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