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Mike Richards' threat on PK Subban


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That's the thing with the flyers, they play it hard. Every team knows it, when going against then right now its gonna be a tough one. The illegality aspect aside I wish we had some more of it, that jam, we've all missed it but damn, those dirty plicks get away with a lot, I know we wouldn't... so ...

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Seems like Richards is getting a lot of flack for his comments but I get what he means. Here is an interview he did with James Duthie that might change some opinions.

JD: What specifically did Subban say to upset you?

MR: I'm not going to get into this again. He's a great player, don't get me wrong. I never meant to start an uproar with a minor comment. It is what it is.

JD: Is there a code for how rookies should behave?

MR: I went through the same thing. I remember my first year we were playing against New Jersey and I was running around and lipping off to Patrick Elias. Elias came to me and Sergei Brylin too, and they said, “If you continue to show disrespect for players, you are going to get hurt.” That really hit home. I didn't want to be known as that guy who shows disrespect. I want to be a guy who plays hard in between the whistles but not cross the line. That was six years ago, but it hit home. When you hear it from a guy like Patrick Elias, who has a done a lot in this league and is well respected, you remember.


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