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R.I.P Pat Burns


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I know that I have already hit this thread with at least two posts, including the original, but I thought about something further.

Nick Adenhart's death made me never ever think twice about driving even with the slightest of a buzz.

Luc Bordun's death affirmed that I will probably never ride a motorcycle.

Pat Burns' life has taught me to never be afraid of pushing myself further than I am capable and silence any skeptics.

Thank you for being a coach to more people than just your players, Pat.

You will be missed, and will always be remembered and respected by the fans.

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damn it. rest in peace, burnsie. you brought nothing but respect to the table. it's just pathetic that the hhof couldn't do the same and honor you before you passed. such a shame.

rest in peace, pat. you'll forever hold a special place in this devils fan's heart -- as i'm sure you do for each and every hardcore devils fan out there. thanks for being such a sonuvabitch badass. you rocked it.

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I look at this picture of Pat raising the cup in 2003 and I see a warrior who fought the good fight until the very end and never gave an inch. But most of all I see a man who touched so many lives and had such an effect on all who knew him.

Damn it, Pat. I'm literally at a loss for words. I knew this was coming, but it's so hard to accept now that it's finally here.

I will see you in my mind's eye with that "Go to hell" snarl on your face and that s**t eating sparkle in your eyes for the rest of my life.

Go with God, Burnsie. And may the Great Good Lord hold you in the palm of his hand forever.

::smiling at the memories with tears in my eyes and gently taping my stick on the ice in tribute to a life well-lived::

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R.I.P. Coach Pat Burns. I am really saddened by this. Pat Burns was one of my favorite coaches and you will be sorely missed. The Devils organization, the NHL, the players and us fans lost a great human being today. I was fortunate enough to meet coach Pat Burns on many occassions at SMA when the Devils had their practices there. I gave plenty of photos and things to coach Pat Burns and had plenty of great discussions. He loved the fans and loved the game of hockey. He has left us way too soon and many will miss him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and may he rest in peace.

One more thing....Pat Burns should have been in the HHOF before he passed away! Bettman and the NHL really screwed this one up. Way to go.

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