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R.I.P Pat Burns


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It's from September, but this is just a really great article about Pat Burns. Really hits home. And when you read some of his quotes, it makes you realize some things that are missing from the Devils' game right now.

It was mentioned earlier in the thread but we need find a way to CELEBRATE this man's life. Truly a legend.

RIP coach Burns.

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I didn't believe this when i read it today...RIP Burnsie..class act..the hockey world is saddened

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A great coach wherever he went and, from what they say, a great human being. Everybody knew it was going to happen soon, but I was still saddened when I learnt about it today. A big loss for the whole hockey world.

Rest in Peace, Pat. You're a Champion forever!

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Simply put, Pat Burns was a great coach who got the most out of his teams. Amazing to think he became the only coach to win three Adams with three different teams (Mtl, Tor, Bos). Especially thanks to the urging of Wayne Gretzky.

From former cop to tough cop behind the bench, taking the Habs to the Finals his first year and guiding the Leafs to consecutive Conference Finals. I rooted for Toronto in '93. Too bad for him Gretzky was on the other side outdueling Gilmour in one of the epic Game 7's which is still replayed. How different would it have been had the Leafs won that year? Imagine a Montreal-Toronto Final. The last time it was a possibility. As fate would have it, the classic Original Sixes meet tonight with heavy hearts on Hockey Night In Canada, paying tribute to a great man who had a kick ass personality off the ice.

Over 500 victories including the elusive Cup he won with the Devils, squeezing every ounce out of the '02-03 team that most didn't think would beat Ottawa. The speech he made about Nieuwendyk turned Game Seven around. Reinserting Ken Daneyko for Game Seven versus the Ducks inspired the Devs to their third Cup. They had unlikely heroes such as Marshall to Friesen and Mike Rupp. All a credit to the kind of demanding and instinctive coach Pat was. He knew what buttons to push.

Then, the fight of his life and a man so tough fought to the very end, beating the deadly disease twice. It's extremely sad that he's gone but he's no longer suffering and shall always be remembered. Yes, he deserves to be in the Hockey Hall. A shame they didn't induct him this year. But he will make it and be properly honored. His family will get to see it and somewhere up above smiling and shining down, so will the fiery guy with the winning spirit.

RIP Pat Burns :(

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You know what's crazy? In reading up on him today, I learned that he DEFEATED colon cancer, and lung cancer. Unfortunately he obviously was re-diagnosed with terminal lung cancer again...but my god, what a fighter.

And I'll always remember his quote earlier this year in September. What an awesome man.

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The videos down the right some of the screen are great. Gomez tells an awesome story in one of them about Burnsie "Wah"ing him. Good stuff.

Yeah, there were some nice videos on that link. Good looks.

It's been hard not to feel sad about his loss but at the same time it's hard not to smile when you see him in some of these clips and hear the stories like the one Gomez had to offer. This man was one tough s.o.b. and he truly is a hockey legend.

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RIP Pat. Just an unbelievable person and coach. I remember during the 2003 Devils-Sens series, meeting him along with friends and everyone being blown away how nice and accommondating he was. I guess everyone new his personality as a coach and expected him to be rough around the edges with fans.

Pat Burns the coach was simply one of the all-time greats. Maybe he wore out his welcome in a few places, but he had some incredible turnarounds. Look at these numbers.

3 Jack Adams trophies with 3 different teams in the 1st year with each team.

First year with the Habs: Team finishes with 115 points and goes to the Stanley Cup Finals

First year with the Leafs: Takes over a team with 67 points the year before and leads them one game short of the Stanley Cup Finals

First year with the Bruins: Takes over the worst team in the league (drafted Joe Thornton 1st overall) and the Bruins make the playoffs and with Joe Thornton being a complete non-factor that season.

First year with the Devils: Takes over a team that lost in the first round the year before and the Devils win the Cup that season including a 7-game series win against a superior Sens team.

That 2003 team had no business winning the Cup, but Pat Burns more than anyone else made sure of it.

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