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2011 New York Yankees Thread


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I'm also skeptical about the Yankees getting under $189M in 2014 but they have come out to credible reporters like Sherman and said they plan on it because of the luxury tax. River Ave Blues tackled the whole luxury tax issue here and here, explaining the different scenarios and savings that the Yankees could accumulate. They also examined the payroll situation with some assumptions here and put up a spreadsheet here for you to play around with your own projections.

I'll try to post my projected roster and moves when I have a chance to sit down and think about it. Somehow they are going to have to get creative or make some tough choices if they are serious about getting below the luxury tax in 2014. One of the areas they can save a lot of money is the bullpen. It is easy to find cheap veterans and they have some guys in the system (Montgomery, Betances, Kontos) that I think could be cheap arms for them in 2014.

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