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2011 New York Yankees Thread


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I've gotten on Nova this year but what a game he pitched tonight, major props to him. Also can't wait till they can get rid of Logan.

You can say that again! If he weren't a lefty, he would have never tasted the major leagues.

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What I am about to post doesn't include stats from the first game today but I thought it was interesting, via NoMaas.

Since Larry Rothschild stepped in as pitching coach, he's been handed question mark after question mark:

- Cashman couldn't secure an ace to compliment CC

- AJ Burnett was coming off the worst full season of his career

- Scrapheap pickups Colon and Garcia hadn't pitched effectively in years

- Ivan Nova was projected by ZiPS for a 5.29 ERA

- Hughes succumbed to a mysterious dead arm ailment

- Randy Levine's $35 million setup man went down with injury

- Cashman's $8 million LOOGY might not ever pitch for the Yankees

- A highly effective Joba Chamberlain fell to Tommy John surgery

- A shockingly good Bartolo Colon is now on the DL

And somehow, the Yankees are:

- 8th in MLB in ERA (3.55) and 4th in the AL

- 4th in the AL in xFIP (3.86)

- 4th in the AL in HR/9 (0.77)

- 6th in the AL in K/9 (6.89)

- 0.42 better ERA and 0.20 better xFIP than the beacon of hope for all of mankind, the 2011 Boston Red Sox

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One year of college under your belt and your still a knucklehead... btw Kudos for learning how to spell hiatus but you could have gone to brookdale and saved your parents some $$

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Had a chance to get to New Yankee Stadium for the first time ever last night. Pretty cool experience though I do miss the old stadium. I also forgot how insane the subway is. Completely spent from working all day, being out all night, and then watching the draft when I got home.

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Hughes is coming back this week. Nova optioned down to AAA to stay stretched out and hopefully refine his stuff a bit better. He didn't deserve the demotion but he is the most flexible to create a spot and he could use the time in AAA to get better. Pendleton is up for Nova now so I imagine when they activate Hughes that Pendleton will go back down, though I'd like to see Noesi get sent down to get stretched back out.

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I was really hoping Jeter would get 3,000 tonight. I was supposed to leave for Cooperstown with a group of friends tomorrow night at 7. Of course when we made these plans we figured he'd have it by now but the injury delayed that so I have to change my plans to staying back and watching the game at home and then meeting up with everyone later that night. I started watching baseball as a kid in 1995, Jeter is one of those guys who I really got to grow up watching, there is no way I'm missing this moment.

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Guest BelieveinBrodeur

Number one team in the MLB and they have the number player with the most RBI's. It's good to see Jeter get that accomplishment but Phillies all the way!

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Guest BelieveinBrodeur

Damn, I wish the Yankees had the uh, "number player with the most RBI's".

Hey smartass they can't have him there players aren't as good Jeter is the only real solid one.

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Guest BelieveinBrodeur

Im not saying the Yankees are bad, I just personally like the Phillies and as they are 1st and have some of the best players(especially pitchers) in the league they are successful they have the team to win the World Series. I HATE the Yankees and Mets but congrats to jeter on his milestone(not many can accomplish that with one team).

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Where the Yankees Rank Midseason


2nd in WAR (21.6)

2nd in wOBA (.346)

2nd in OPS+ (111)

2nd in Runs/Game (5.17)

2nd in OBP (.340)

3rd in SLG (.444)

2nd in OPS (.784)

1st in ISO (.186)

1st in BB% (10.1%)

t-1st in BB/K (0.58)

1st in HRs (123)

3rd in SBs (81)

1st in wOBA versus LHP (.357)

t-2nd in wOBA versus RHP (.339)

3rd in wOBA with RISP (.332)

Starting Pitching:

4th in WAR (8.7)

3rd in xFIP (3.78)

5th in ERA (3.62)

6th in K/9 (6.66)

6th in K/BB (2.29)

8th in HR/9 (0.93)

3rd in Groundball Rate (46%)


3rd in WAR (3.5)

9th in xFIP (3.91)

2nd in ERA (3.11)

5th in K/9 (7.86)

7th in K/BB (2.01)

1st in HR/9 (0.55)

2nd in Left On Base % (77.9%)


1st in UZR/150 (7.50)

2nd in Total Zone Fielding Runs Above Average per 1,200 innings (5)

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Apparently the Rockies have been scouting the Yankees AAA and AA teams. The Yankees are desperate for starting pitching and I wonder if they'd be willing to put a deal for Jimenez centered around Montero and Betances together. Jimenez has been solid since his rough start, though his velocity is down this year. Montero hasn't had as good as a year as we hoped, but he is one of the youngest players in his league. Betances has been great this year but he's still fairly raw, has some control issues, and an injury history. Since Jimenez is on a team friendly contract I'd imagine that a package of Montero and Betances would be the starting point to getting any deal done. I'm not sure if the Rockies would want a mid level pitching prospect like Phelps/Mitchell/Warren/Nova/Noesi and/or a position player anywhere from Nunez/Laird/Joseph to help complete it. It would be a risky trade on the Yankees part but I think its something they should explore.

Another possible trade candidate could be Hiroki Kuroda from the Dodgers whose in the last year of his deal. Not spectacular but it shouldn't cost too much in prospects to get him and with the uncertainty over what you are going to get from Colon, Garcia, and Hughes over the rest of the year he wouldn't be a bad pick up for mid-level prospects.

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I have to wonder if Montero is simply going through the motions in AAA. His talent level is pretty clearly above everyone else in the league, which makes his pedestrian numbers that much more concerning.

I haven't been able to see him at all but regarding his average offensive numbers I've read everything from he's one of the youngest in the league excuse to he's bored to he's been so focused on improving his defense that he hasn't been focusing on his offense as much. I suppose the truth is somewhere mixed in there. He did have a bad first half last year and then went on to a monster second half so perhaps he'll follow suit this year. The Yankees keep talking about him as a catcher but every report I read from an outside source kills him in that regard. I really think he's going to be a 1B/DH with maybe the chance of catching part time for his first few seasons. The Rockies we're said to really like him as a 1B. He may have taken a slight hit but his value still has to be fairly high.

While we are talking about catching prospects its nice to see Romine (2nd Round 2007) and Murphy (2nd Round 2009) having strong years. Romine was to be expected since he's stuck repeating AA with Montero blocking him in AAA right now but his line coming into Friday night: .293/.352/.396/.749 .342 wOBA 110 wRC+ with most reports on his defense as favorable. Murphy starting out in A ball putting up a line of .297/.343/.457/.800 .359 wOBA 117 wRC+ through 277 PA and now he's been promoted to high A.

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Good news tonight is the Yankees scored 17 runs. Bad news is Phil Hughes clearly regressed from his very promising last start. Might this make the Ubaldo talks heat up?

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