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The 2010 New Jersey Devils 'Twas the Night Before Christmas


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Just a little something I whipped together for the Holiday Season. Enjoy!


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Rock,

The hallways were quiet, just the sound of a clock

Ticking ‘way time and three months of shame,

Preparing itself for the Maple Leafs game

All except for one man, alone in a room,

Lou was there sitting, saddled with gloom.

This team that he built was disaster, in fact,

Towards the depths of the standings, they currently sat

“How could this possibly happen?”, he swore.

“The players are tested and ready, what’s more,

Our coach had success with the minor league team.”

“This season has been just a horrible dream”

But then, out the window, there awoke such a clatter

Lou sprang from his chair to see what was the matter.

Leaving smashed jars of jelly askew in his wake,

He peered out the window at the cause of this quake.

The night was as still as the new fallen snow

But Lou could make out tiny shapes down below.

The crowd was first tiny but soon more showed up

Until suddenly their numbers began to erupt.

When the mob began shouting pro Devils chants,

Lou then realized they weren’t just ants.

In Championship Plaza, assembled as one,

The whole Devil’s Army, united they’d come.

They wore jerseys with Kovy and Marty and Clarkson

Amongst Parise and Zajac and even a Rolston!

Some honored the past with Stevens and Dano.

One guy even sported an “Emerick and Chico”

They shouted and yelled out the best chants they knew

And the more the crowd cheered, the larger they grew.

Even the mascot joined in on the fun

As Devils themed carols loudly were sung.

The spirit of oneness filled the Brick City sky

And soon Lou realized why the tear in his eye.

The moment at hand gave his lip a small quiver

As he realized the gift the fans had delivered.

Despite all the failures and lost expectations,

Pride still existed within Devils Nation.

Players may leave and have other plans

But the true core of the team was the heart of the fans.

With a sweep of his arm, Lou threw up the shade

And to the mob down below, gave the smallest of waves.

The crowd responded with an uproarious cheer

And Lou could do nothing but grin ear to ear.

The party raged on to the wee morning light

And no one quite knows the attendance that night.

All that is remembered is the spirit of pride

In all that the team has helped to provide.

So, no matter what day you hold dear this season

Or frustrations you hold, regardless the reason,

When you come to the Rock, in a voice loud and shrill,

Show our team love with a, “LET’S GO DEVILS”!


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hey bulletproof, how long did this take you?

Firsty, thanks for the kudos, everybody! Just thought we needed a little something to get us through this tough time with the team!

As for how long it took, I had the idea last night to do a Devils Night Before Christmas, started it around 10:00 this morning and had it sewn up by 1:00 or so. So, I guess all told, three hours.

Glad you enjoyed it!

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