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The 2010 New Jersey Devils 'Twas the Night Before Christmas


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the puckdaddy blog is looking for christmas submissions related to hockey, you should submit this.


good luck

Submitted! While the actual contest is calling for cards and songs, maybe someone over there will enjoy it enough to post it. That would be amazing!

Also, thanks to everybody for the kind words about the piece. I didn't quite know where it was going when I started it, but as the story took shape, I could tell that it needed to be rooted in something positive. A poorly performing team breads negativity within the organization and out, so I thought something uplifting would help balance out the emotions. Again, thanks to everybody for the kudos and Happy Holidays!

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by no means am i trying to steal any thunder here, but i tossed together a "santa's list" for the devils. i started off with good intentions but got mad lazy with Christmas and all:

My link

you might not agree with it, but i had fun writing it

BP, I'm gonna post this poem in my blog and give you full-credit of course, if you want me to include your real name shoot me a PM

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