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another ticket contest

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Is the link in the email connected to your email address? :). If not post it here :)

Its connected. I first got an email saying that I didnt win but they were sending another email right then with the link. I just looked and its got a "customer ID" and all that crap in the URL, but it takes you to a Ticketmaster screen where it pulls the tickets and you have to sign into a Devils account.

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Actually, I dunno if they'll be lowers or not. In prior giveaways they were all over the arena. I had to buy mine, so winners may not get guaranteed lowers. I assumed that, but its free either way.

In the past giveaways, Ive sat in the 100s thanks to people on this forum (Dead and 95crash) who gave me their extras, but others got lowers. It was always first-come-first-serve in respect to where the seats were, so arrive early and you'll likely get better seats. I doubt they're all guaranteed lowers for the winners, but who knows. This is a different giveaway than the last ones.

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Yeah, I didn't win either. Still haven't heard back from the Coyotes game, wondering what is the hold up.

Well the Red Wings game is tomorrow and the Coyotes is Wednesday. Id imagine Monday or Tuesday for the Coyotes giveaway. They're going to wait so they can maximize sales.

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these tickets, if purchased, are instant download right?

yes -- I personally am actually glad I didn't win. This works out a LOT better for us. My husband was sad he didn't go to the other game with his brother. The kids are STILL talking about it so he's really glad to be going to this one. For some reason his nephew makes it more fun for him. I think he's secretly sexist - but he keeps it a secret to himself even.

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