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another ticket contest

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yes -- I personally am actually glad I didn't win. This works out a LOT better for us. My husband was sad he didn't go to the other game with his brother. The kids are STILL talking about it so he's really glad to be going to this one. For some reason his nephew makes it more fun for him. I think he's secretly sexist - but he keeps it a secret to himself even.

Its a guy thing. I had so much fun at a game last season with my uncle (who brought me to my first Devils game when I was about 8) and my cousin who is now 8 and it was his first game. The devils won but wether they won or not, I didnt care it was just so much fun being with family that are guys. I cant really explain it. haha Its nothing personal to girls, its fun to bring girls too but *not that I am sexist so dont take this the wrong way* but majority of girls dont really understand the sport right away so you have to spend the whole game explaining what is happening.

There are always those girls that know their hockey though.....which if a girl schools me in hockey talk....Im in love.

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A lot different than the last couple of times, both Buffalo games and EDM. Those were instant wins. Bad move by the Devils, IMO, no one is going to buy a ticket if they are waiting to hear back.

Well the Detroit thing seemed like a last-minute emergency since the contest only started yesterday or the day before. The Phoenix one, they'll probably just give away 9432 pairs and not bother with the 'consolation sale' (that's a new twist though :blink:)

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Won, and I only had one entry. I would like to know if I want to bring more people, can I get extra tickets for 20.00 near my seats?

This is from the confirmation email that I got saying I won:

"Your tickets are at the "Contest Winner" window and you will be able to purchase additional tickets if needed."

since they are selling the same tickets for 20 or whatever anyway I am sure they will sell them to you as well.

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