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another ticket contest

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So....the people who didnt win and spent 40 dollars got better tickets then the people who won the contest? Yeah....that makes sense. :rolleyes:

Actually it does make sense...you want the people who spent money to get the better seats. Plus you have more of a chance of selling lowers last minute than mezz seats.

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Well if I am going to be in the 100s I want to be on the side of the ice not behind either of the nets.

Sure, I would want that too, but beggars cant be choosers with free. I bought my tickets and am glad I did. Im excited just to be in the lower bowl for a change.

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My seats were very good, 2nd level and on the red line. Only trouble is, I had to bring one extra person along and the extra ticket cost 86 dollars! That means I could have bought three 20 dollar tickets (if I were a "loser") for less. I really feel like these "giveaways" are a rip off to get you to buy another ticket or two and concessions, parking, programs, etc. The next time, I will know better and only go if I have free tickets for everybody going.

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Starting the night, Jamie and our friend Jess were sitting in 230 and my friend Dan and I were sitting in the seats I won for presumably the lower level. Turns out the seats we won were in section 130 and Jamie grabbed lower level seats for 10$ each! What the hell! I would have gladly paid the 23$ (after tax) for two lower level seats! We ended up sitting in some empties behind her for the second and third period haha.

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My brother-in-law had a work party he forgot about... but he gave his tickets to his son's best friend and his dad so at least a spastic kid was in the house...

Rebecca was pretty chill...and I hate to say it -- I told her Moose wasn't there but she was going to see the best goalie of all time! ... yes, you all can guess how that turned out... after goal #2 she turned to me and said "Best guarder in the world?" incredulously. "Really sweety he IS" "momma <_<, how?" " :mellow: ... grrr - it's GOALIE <_<"

My husband who never pays attention was pretty shocked by the end of the game.

AND ... I accidentally cheered for Lidstrom when they announced his name :doh1: WTF? I was mortified

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