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DFC Dinner with the Devils

Weekes Head

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Aww, that sucks. Didn't know they did that. Well, I hope someone cancels for your sake, but, pray that it isn't me! :pray: Never!!

No, standby means that I have no chance to sit with a player. There are usually 2 extra seats per tables. They pick the table numbers out of a hat. That's where the players will sit. Once they have all the players seated, they fill in the unselected tables with the "standbys".

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Got it. At least your there. :clap:

I was debating whether or not to just get my check back. The autograph session alone is worth the price of admission. It would be nice to talk hockey with a professional player or coach though. The fact is with standby my family is split up. After taking it all in consideration, I did decide to accept and be there. Who knows, maybe my luck will come in winning an autographed item at the auction.

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the last fan club dinner i attended doug brown sat at our table,great guy.poor doug hardly had time to chew his food with all the questions we were asking!-and tommie mcveigh was the coach!boy,was he a hoot.here is one of the jokes from his"speech"

-sos i say to my wife,why the hell do you waste time ironing your bras, you got nothing to put in em---------she says, that never stopped me from ironing your shorts!! everybody was howling!fans,players,coaches,waiters


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from the dfc web page--

Hello and welcome to the Devils Fan Club (DFC) Home Page. The Devils Fan Club is the official booster club of the National Hockey League's New Jersey Devils. With over 2,000 members, the DFC is the largest booster club in the NHL! The Devils Fan Club operates as an independent, volunteer organization, to support the New Jersey Devils and to promote a greater interest in the sport of ice hockey.

Visit this site for Up-To-Date information on the Club's activities and the New Jersey Devils. If you are not a member, why not JOIN your fellow Devils' fans today and become a member!


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So, the dinner is tomorrow, I'll be there (getting the goods autographed for the Trivia Contest!), who else is attending?

:hi: i will be there :)

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Ally, you going with your family or just by yourself?

BTW -- you still running the website, or was that your mother?

I'm going with my moms.

My moms runs the website, but now that I'm 18, I might take it over. But who can tell really?

Okay, I'm leaving now!! :)

See ya'll there!

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It was a fun night. I went from being a standby to having a table to having a player sitting at my table. Jay Pandolfo was at my table. Jay was very pleasant to sit with.

No Neidermayer or Stevens, no cup. Oh well, I saw it in the afternoon at CAA where I got my picture with it.

Doc was the emcee did a good job. An autographed team stick went for over $4000, Lou donated a suite for the Ranger game next month. That went for $3500.

All the money raised was going to local hockey groups.

Lou, Coach Burns, Marty spoke for the organization. Elias got up for a second to read the number on the ticket for his autographed stick. He was pretty funny for his short stint at the mike.

They gave away 2003 locker room caps to everybody.

Finally, I won a Brylin autographed puck! B)

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Oh well, I saw it in the afternoon at CAA where I got my picture with it.

That was by far one of my favorite experiences...

Rock, just click my name (djstubbs)

you will see my glory...


And although I didn't get to go to the dinner, :(

I did meet a few players these past weekends...

-Friesen, Brylin, Pandolfo, Gomez, Langenbrunner.

Friesen actually had a conversation with me about hockey, which was pretty cool, Brylin didn't really talk, Gomez was way too busy signing all the autographs, Pando was too, Langenbrunner signed my thing but had to go...

I like how Friesen has an explorer, Brylin has a Land Rover, Langs/Gomez both have Suburbans, Marty's got a Benz, Raffy's got a Benz, Pando's got a Porsche.

They are living the life!


It's wierd, you see Pando on the ice, and then you meet him, the only player who looks different than I thought they would.

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