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MacLean has been fired. Confirmed on NJ.com


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At least the Devils aren't boring. Welcome back, Billy Martin ... er I mean Jacques.

I can't wait for their Miller Lite commercial.

Lemaire: Tastes great!

Lou: Status quo.

Director: Cut! You're supposed to say "Less filling!" Let's try it again. Action!

Lemaire: Tastes great!

Lou: Status quo.

Lemaire: Tastes great!

Lou: Status quo.

Lemaire: Tastes great!

Lou: Status quo.

Director: Cut! Dammit! That's the 78th take you've ruined! For the last time, your line is "Less filling!"

Lou: Don't worry about my lines.

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All those guys have never coached the team before. Hence, they are out of contention.

Lou may not be here. There's some rumors out there that there may be a change in the offseason.

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I hope Lou's meeting with the players is going something like "the only reason I'm firing the coach is because I tried to get rid of you sacks of sh!t and nobody wanted you".

^ This. Absolutely. Somewhere there's a captain who needs to call a team meeting and put everybody's ego through a shredder. I see the A-Dweebles and the T-Dweebles aren't doing much better, so glad I didn't have to fork over for minor league season tix this year. Happy Nittel Nacht!

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Jacques was obviously the first and only person to fill out the online form to become a General in the Devils Army...



"We teased with signs at different times," Lamoriello said. "It's my fault for waiting so long. Unfortunately, we just weren't getting it done. We finally got our penalty kill and power play going, but for whatever reason our five-on-five did not get going."
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As terrible as this season has been I do feel bad for MacLean, can't be fun losing your first Head Coaching job in the NHL two days before Christmas.


I don't feel bad for him. He did this to himself by donning a Rangers uniform the end of his career.

He's also the Devils' all-time leading goal scorer and the guy who put the Devils into the playoffs for the first time in history.

I can't help but feel for MacLean though. This guy has waited SO long for this, and not only did everything go wrong, but he will be remembered as the coach who ended a 14 year playoff run. And the saddest thing is that it will be remembered as solely his fault, where in reality he got very little support from the players, and some horrendous luck to boot.

Sadly, you might be right.

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Lou is playing Santa at the MacLean house Friday night,

i would guess johnny Mac will be playing santa at Lou's house. Still under contract I'm guessing.

Him and Rolston to Siberia in exchange for a bucket of snow.


the bucket is optional

It's time. I think you have to ask yourself why Lou isn't behind the bench. He's done it a couple times before. Why not now? Because he's done here?

because Lou knows that lemaire is the better choice. And despite what many think here, he does things to make the team better, not his ego. JL knows the team, and is a proven coach. I'm sure JL didn't want to coach last year and lou talked him out of retirment becasue Lou thought it was the best fit for the team. up until xmas last year, looked like a good fit.

And for all the Lou bashing when it comes to the coaching merry go round. Burns and Sutter were brought in here long term and just didn't work out. sutter may have been foreseable with his close ties to Calgary( a stretch imo), but loosing burns came out of the blue and can't be blamed on Lout at all.

this was not the right team for a first year coahc. Then again, I didn't think Pit was either when they made the move a few years ag so what do I know.

I'll say it again, I would guess after 13 playoff years, Lou shouldn't be fired after 1 missed playoffs. Especially with all the long term moves made over the summer.

just me though


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