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Jacques Lemaire

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By now, I'm sure most of you have either read or heard Lemaire's observations of this team. Pretty humbling imho. As much as we like to get on certain players for sucking and what not, these guys are human and I'm sure it's pretty difficult to be a part of something like this. What we are seeing now is a team that has completely hit rock bottom. It seems like they keep getting lower and lower but I just don't see how there is any way possible to dig lower then this. It's Christmas break and the Devils are officially the worst team in the NHL. Insane.

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't all thrilled with some of Lemaire's decisions last year but it was a total team collapse last season. Despite what follies he may have committed, it was pretty clear that the players quit on him. With that being said, I'm pretty glad he is back.

The first time Lemaire came aboard along with Larry Robinson, he inherited an up and coming team and instilled the defensive ingredients that would turn this team into a near dynasty. His second go around, I think, was a last shot at squeezing another run out of an aging team with a less then stellar supporting cast in hopes of maximizing their potential collectively. Obviously that didn't pan out so well. Now here he is again for a third crack at it.

Say what you will about Lemaire but the dude knows hockey like nobody's business. He may be a little old in the tooth but the man has forgotten more about the game then most of us even know. At first I didn't get the point of hiring Lemaire when it was already too late, but after reading his post game comments, it's pretty obvious why he is here.

The season is lost. We know that, the players know that, Lou knows that. Everyone knows that. But the team can't continue like this. How many moments have we seen this season where it looked like the team had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on? He claims they sort of forgot how to play hockey and I honestly believe it. Whatever the case, something had to be done. You just can't keep playing games with absolutely no direction. They did get blown out again tonight but at least they showed some signs of life over periods 2 and 3. Anything is a step forward right now.

What most people don't realize is how fast a losing culture can stick. It's one thing to say you'll get out of it but quite another to actually do it. You see so many sports franchises run into this type of situation and before you know it's a festering issue years down the line.

I think Lou knows that he needs to move some bodies but can't do much about it right now but really doesn't give two sh!ts about which players feelings may get hurt. Hiring Lemaire proves that considering all the drama from last year. But this move isn't about these guys anyway. Despite the dead weight on this team, we still have some very important skilled younger pieces who will be here for the long haul. They need to be taught properly and taught a winning mindset. This team clearly doesn't know how to do it. They're not going to make the playoffs this year but a strong finish to the end is much more important to us then a hit or miss lottery pick imo. Sure fire talent is sorely needed but the last thing we need is a losing culture here. Losing breeds more losing. Take your 2010 calendar year Devils for example.

Just like in 93, Lemaire will get a chance to put his stamp on this team. This time he wont be getting a budding Cup contender, but rather a team with no direction or organization that he can assist with finding an identity. I think the most important thing this team can do this year is settle on a system, instill a strong work ethic and get back to playing simple basic hockey. We have good enough players to at least compete. Some trimming of fat from the roster + a good foundation to build off from the second half of this season, will give this team a good platform to start the turnaround next year. You gotta start somewhere. What better time then now?

At least the guy has the organization's best interest in mind. He is sure taking on one hell of a mess.

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Lemaire is good with crappy teams, i.e. the Minnesota Wild for a bunch of years. It's too bad that it didn't work for McLean but we need to try someone else because we can't just completely give up on ourselves halfway into the year and just go out there and get blown out every game. We need to get a system in place that will allow us to compete and win some games. It's easy to say "Oh well just finish last and win the draft lottery", but these players have to go out there and play 40+ more games and much of them will be back next year regardless of how big the fire sale is later on. We can't have them just grow to hate themselves and each other and the organization because they gave up on playing hockey in mid December. Get some kind of identity in place, build the confidence back a bit, win some games, get some young guys experience, take whatever draft pick we finish with and move on to a better season next year.

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Well said. I, for one, liked Lemaire's post-game comments. Cut right through the BS and immediately picked up on some key ideas/themes related to the team's struggles.

Can't get any worse. Actually excited to see what, if anything, Lemaire can do with this team. Playoffs, nah, but competitive games really would be nice.

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I think Lemaire was asked to take over in order to give Lou an intelligent, experiences assessment of the team, per his first impression comments. do they want to try and right the ship and win some games? Yes, but they all know the season is dead. They are looking at who to trade and dump. The team has cancer and Dr. Lemaire is going to help decide where and what to cut in order to save the patient. I think no one is safe or exempt at this point. Isn't it interesting that a day or so before the coaching change there are wild trade rumors involving Brodeur and others?

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The 'rumors' about Brodeur have been around since the offseason and involve nothing other than media-created hypotheses.

If Lemaire really does have say in what personnel moves Lou's making next then bye-bye Langs and don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out.

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