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Time to clean up Devils mess


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These guys in this room of one-time (or, more literally, three-time) champions aren't innocent bystanders here. They are co-conspirators who are an affront to the logo and their heritage, and who should be ashamed of themselves for taking the easy way out night after night after night.

So ding dong, the coach is gone, the team quitting on MacLean the way a better team quit on Claude Julien in 2007 and a better team before that quit on Larry Robinson in 2002, and an even much better team than that quit on Robbie Ftorek in 2000.

The proverb, pride goes before a fall, is subject to interpretation, but not as it applies to the 2010-11 Devils, for pride has left the franchise, it has left the room and it has left the team all right, and that's not on Lamoriello, that's not on MacLean, that's not on Gary Bettman and that's not on Richard Bloch.

That's on the players. That's on the team that isn't one. That's on the athletes who have shamed the sweater and everything it is supposed to represent

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