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Anyone see Bettman at the game tonight?


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I believe it is sect 7, a row in the teens like the first couple seats. I didn't see him Tuesday, but I've seen him there twice before. I was down lower and on the other side of the rows from him when a fight broke out and the fans were all (of course) cheering and into it bigtime I turned and yelled to him "Hey Bettman!! Why would you want to take that outta the game?! Look around you" He was standing just like everyone else he did actually look around the arena but never dropped that smirk/frown he was wearing.

Awesome call there DIG! :clap2:


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So we feel he screwed us over and now we're gonna act like little kids and yell things at him? Another tough guy!!

Oh get off it and stop being so sensitive. Voicing one's displeasure to someone is not limited to children. No one made any yo-mama jokes to Gary.

And a frightening number of people here don't realize that there's a big difference between chanting 'you suck' from the stands and going out of your way to do it in a guy's face. I'm just saying the latter is borderline harassment.

Yes we can all disagree vehemently with what he did, think he's out to get the Devils and whatnot but at the end of the day it's still just a game.

Saying you suck from across a room to Gary Bettman is borderline harrassment? Whatever

Yet, thousands of fans love screaming you suck, flyers swallow in front of each other, and even after goals. At least the OP showed some courage and felt strongly enough to tell him in person instead of hiding behind a crowd.

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Only factions of our own fanbase can possibly have this much class. This seems like something I'd expect amongst PHI fans.

We skirt the edge of the rules for years, smile slyly when we get away with it - yet whine and pout "conspiracy" the ONE time we get caught with our hand in the cookie jar.

Big Deal! How many times did Lou pull the fast one on the league (guess what the franchise was built on a major one).

Bettman may be a douche - but he's not soley out to screw the NJ fanbase and franchise - he needs the club to be succesful.

Sure, they totally screwed up when to actually lock down the loophole - but Its not an f'n conspiracy.

No reason to be a douche to the guy on a personal level - it shows an unparalled inability to separate the sport and day-to-day reality.

ITs a sport kids - an emotional passionate sport - but no one's hooked up to any heart monitors or recessitators here.

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BTW, if you don't like Bettman and wanna be heard, he's taking calls on XM Radio right now. 1-877-645-6696. It'll be a lot more effective that just yelling "You suck!" as he walks by (unless, of course, you only aim to call in and say "You suck!" before hanging up).

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