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Hey Manta was a great game,

even though the Steelers kind of dominated the Ravens

126 total offense lol

I gotta ask how Boldin and Housha made such an huge impact compared to last years..I mean, both dropped important passes and they got outplayted by rookies o.o

It was a great game and a tale of two halves.

We made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes (Rice's fumble, Flacco/Birk hand-off, TJ and Boldin drops), and the Steelers never let up on the gas once they got the momentum.

The difference to me is the STEELERS believe they can win, we have not reached that mental space YET. We made the mental mistakes on offense that losing teams make.

Our D played great and well enough to win, our offense and the lack of production in second half gave the game away.

FYI: We renewed Cam Cameron's contract as OC for next year.

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And you can go fvck yourself in between..

what a shock, a Jets fan with no class :rolleyes:

Color me NOT suprised, is that you Edwin Anazole?

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I think its hilarious how the mayors are all betting for their teams.

PITTSBURGH -- Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and his counterpart in New York, Mike Bloomberg, are wagering on the AFC Championship game between the Steelers and the New York Jets.

If the Jets win, Ravenstahl will put a Jets "fireman hat" on a Pittsburgh landmark and post a video of it on YouTube. If the Steelers win, Mr. Bloomberg will hang a Steelers "terrible towel" on a New York City landmark. - wtae.com

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The Jets are doing EXACTLY want the Giants did a few years ago, being the under dog on the road beating teams and playing good football to do so. Wont be surprised if they go and win the super bowl just the way the Giants did a few years back

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Let get to the Super Bowl already.

Crasher: Where is the write-up?

Tomorrow.... between the snow and the stomach virus I had I've been up to my elbows trying to make up missed work and the like......

This weather has been literally killing me :P

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