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Not new, just found this forum area


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I've been a lurker for many years ... since the NJO days, the network24 days ( I think that's right????) , etc ...

Anyway, I just wanted to formally introduce myself. Been a Devils fan for as long as I can remember ... I think it was 88. It was the uniforms then ... my parents had a satellite dish and we could get all of the hockey for free. I told my dad, that I loved how ugly the 'Xmas tree' uni's were and that was my team from now on ... come on I was 14. Anyway, I'm stuck in Blue Jacket hell ... but at least we have a hockey team here. Maybe some day they'll be like Ottawa or NJ, but I'll always be a Devil fan.

I own my own network consulting biz and don't have time to do much else. Maybe some day soon, I'll make it up to the Meadowlands and check out a home game for a change!!!

Anyway, thanks for having this great site!!!!

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:lol:   well, you've been around a while indeed, but you're not so prolific! But anyone who gets River Runs Through It is OK in my book!  :P   Welcome!

WOW ... that was a while ago that I mentioned 'A River Runs Through It'. :lol:

I know I don't post often, but when I do I guess it's remembered. :P

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