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Langenbrunner to Dallas. 3rd round conditional pick coming back


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Ledger_NJDevils Rich Chere

It appears Jamie Langenbrunner is not playing tonight for the Devils. There is no equipment in his locker stall. A possible trade?

3 minutes ago

Also Zubie is back in :noclue: :noclue:



I asked to speak to Langenbrunner during pre-game availability and was told he wasn't around. So, we''ll see

TGfireandice Tom Gulitti

Langebrunner said he has been asked to waive no trade and is awaiting word of next move.

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Wow, just when I thought things could not get worse for Devils. This ship is just sinking quicker.

I don't think its a bad move.

We need to clear cap space anyway (Langs is one of the only guys that we can trade) and we get picks which is pretty good to have this year since we are finishing this season as a bottom team.

EDIT: And we get to see rookies play at his place.

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I seriously walk away from my computer for 10 minutes, and news breaks that we finally are trading Langenbrunner. Crazy.

Sad note: I officially no longer own only current Devils jerseys. :(

Also, I really hope an answer comes down in the next hour. I have a wake to go to tonight, and it's probably not very polite to be checking Twitter on my cell every few minutes...

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lol yeah the ship is really sinking by trading a guy who has about 4 non-EN goals in the last 50 games while getting tons and tons of ice time

LOL. I know you don't really understand the game, but this is no longer a team. It has been a fractured group of individuals going on a year now.

Langs will be a great addition to any contending Team. Watch and learn.

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