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Langenbrunner to Dallas. 3rd round conditional pick coming back


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Jamie, thanks for everything, especially for 2003, and for giving us some of your finest offensive seasons. Your contributions are plenty appreciated.

Having said that, I wanted to see him traded last off-season, simply because I thought it was time. Regardless of what the return is, I think this is win-win, in that it's simply time for both the Devils and Jamie to move on...this team needs new voices and a new identity in the worst way. Lots of great memories to look back on fondly though.

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how about Langenbrunner to Dallas for Jack Campbell? they have Lehtonen which he's not really that old for a goalie... and raycroft for backup...

I would love this deal..Jack Campbell is one of the best young goalie prospects out there imo.. Does anybody have any info or even video on Campbell?? He's a great young American as far as I know...

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TG: "All of Langenbrunner's equipment still in his locker."

i bet lou got pissed at the offers from dallas, said i'll call back, went to the box to evaluate who else could possibly get moved with him.

deal's not done, probably wont be until tomorrow.

now Єklund (2.3% accurate) is grasping at straws and back tracking by saying details are sketchy

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All of this waiting about where he could be heading/what could be coming back is reminding me of Lou acquiring a "mystery player" a couple of summers ago. :rofl:

Ahh, Ilka Pikkarainen... Good times... [not really, that sucked]

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MichelleKenneth Michelle Kenneth

Looking like team I know about IS the destination. Too many confirmations of same destination. Wonder why Lou doesn't just announce...

5 hours after langs is asked to wave his NTC, still nothing...

get some sleep folks, wont go down tonight.

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