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Who will be our coach next year ?

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haviland sounds like the next great coach (like TB's and CLB's this year) but i'm concerned you'd have another case of vets thinking they know more than the coach. although, hopefully the only vets left will be elias and white.

hartley, although a retread, seems like the safest choice.

Haveland has less experience that JMac did. Why would you risk that? I think Carbaneau would be a Lemaire clone. I hate to say it but maybge hitch might be the right guy?

I really was hoping JMac would've turned out to be the next Joe Sacco, Boudreau, Guy Boucher etc. (came in with no nhl experience) Pete Debeor type

Is there any of these guys out there? How bout Don Lever? (Devs first Capt.)

Yes, Marty will probably have a say in a selection. The way the devs play the game is part of his success.

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