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Disease Identified- Bad MoraleITIS

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It's pretty clear with some of the comments of the last 24 hours that the morale in the room was quite poor in the past three to four months.

Lou- "We weren't going to re-sign Jaime." Oh really Lou...your captain? You weren't going to re-sign your captain? Let's see if you would have said the same thing about Scott Stevens. Lou would have kept signing Scott until HE decided to quit, not the other way around...

Jaime- "Was asked to initially waive no-trade clause in training camp." Bingo! Now we can correlate Jaime's comments in the beginning of the season that "No one is immune to a trade"...

Well, if this all began at the beginning of the season, it's fair to say that the players "quit" on the Devils before the puck even dropped against Dallas in game one in October.

My theory that the players on this team have simply been "passengers" since day one certainly holds water now...

Like Marty said in today's comments, "It's important to feel wanted"...well, if Jaime, who was the captain, was NOT wanted from the beginning, then I can safely infer that this "dejected attitude" projected all the way down the line to every player.

And why- Lou Lamoriello failed to clean house before the start of the season. Signing Kovy is now officially documented as the systemic cause this team has failed thus far season.

Lou tried to stuff a 100lbs of shi!t in a 10lb bag and it didn't work.

From a management perspective, Lou is very much at fault for this debacle. The players are at fault for not playing like professionals, and Lou is a bad decision maker for not anticipating this kind of reaction with the signing of Kovy and asking players to waive NTCs early in the season...

Disease= Lou's decision making

Diseased= entire locker room

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Well if he asks a guy to waive his NTC and he says no... what can he do??? (given maybe he shouldn't have been GIVEN an NTC, but at the time it seemed like the guy wasn't going anywhere anyway so why not?)

and why re-sign an aging captain who does more complaining then producing ?? There's no shame in that... hell it's SMART

That whole "feeling wanted thing" annoys me.... you want to feel wanted... YOU PRODUCE.... if Langs WAS PRODUCING he'd not have been traded

there's been an absurd level of complacency and.... well.... "status quo" on this team.... (talking about pre-lockout Devils hockey too is part of this), this room's needed to be purged for a LONG time... Lou's only fail was waiting too long to do so (hell take in the fact that NO ONE really came out and embraced Kovy last year into this team, how many teams would have a guy with his goal scoring numbers come in and not welcome the dude....really...)

I do agree this team needs a scrap heaping... but it's the coach, the GM AND the players too (least the veterans)..... I feel bad for a talented young player coming into this room... what a mess this is.....

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Lou- "We weren't going to re-sign Jaime." Oh really Lou...your captain?

So even if your captain's production drops off, he has never accomplished anything of significance as a leader, and admits to essentially quitting on the team in the playoffs and feuding with the head coach, you have to re-sign him when his contract ends, just because he's your captain?

Let's see if you would have said the same thing about Scott Stevens.

Of course not. Stevens was effective as a player to the end of his career and accomplished tons as a leader in his time here (3 Cups, 4 long playoff runs, etc). It's not even close if you are comparing Stevens at the end of his career to Langenbrunner now.

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Why the hell should Lou have resigned Langencancer? For doing a sh!tty job producing? Or how about being a terrible captain? Why the hell are you obsessed with him? He shouldn't have played like crap the last half of last season or he wouldn't have been asked to waive his NTC. Even so, no excuse for his sh!tty play. Good job Lou finally trading him. Thank you so much.

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