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Neverson Makes Up A Nice One.


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The sad part about all of thsi is that when NEverson makes this stuff up, it never happens. But it does make sense, since Zuzyn is not going to play and he has to. We absolutely have no room for another offensive d-man. And despite the posters on this board, we are not going to trade Nieds, Raffi, or T-vo. Neverson suggested a few days ago to trade Nieds, but Lou knows he's our best player. No Nieds, no cup.

And as much as everyon hates, Albelien, he's the best choice for the 7th d-man. He can sit two weeks at a time and then play ok...against teams that are weaker. Zuzyn needs to play every night to make it. You can not sit Daneko, because you simply need that experience in the playoffs. And Zuzyn in the lineup, unbalances the pairs. I guess you could play Daneko half of teh games and Zuzyn the other half. But then you mess with chemistry.

October 12, 2002 -- As they return triumphant to their home opener tonight, the Devils still face a dilemma of their own making.

They don't use Andrei Zyuzin as a regular, so they are said to be talking trade for someone they can play on a nightly basis. But since he isn't a regular, no one yet is offering enough to make them risk the embarrassment they'd suffer if he became a stolen star elsewhere.

"Lou wants more than anybody's willing to give for a seventh defenseman," one observer claimed.

That could change as soon as this weekend. The Panthers and Devils are said to be talking of a swap of Valeri Bure for Zyuzin, and that seems to have more life than anything else mentioned, including Ottawa's unsigned Karel Rachunek, with Nashville also suggested.

Florida would be cutting salary in this deal, with Bure slated to make $2.9 million this season and $3.1 million next year. The Devils already have exceeded a payroll of $50 million, but Zyuzin earns $1.05 million of that. In addition to being the sort of speedy sniper the Devils could use, Bure's father, Vladimir, is New Jersey's conditioning consultant.

The issue is Zyuzin's huge promise. He was a highly-regarded youngster, drafted second overall in 1997 by San Jose, and the possibility always exists that San Jose wasn't wrong in grabbing him that high. Zyuzin wants to prove them right.

Zyuzin turned in a strong training camp, showing the shooting and lugging skills that other teams envy.

"This camp was maybe the most important thing I ever did, just to prove myself, that I belong," Zyuzin said. "I think I have proven that I belong, and proven it especially to myself."

Other teams appear to have noticed, too. Zyuzin was protected over Tommy Albelin in the waiver draft, and the trade talk has been described as hot.

Zyuzin is trying to avoid becoming another high-pick disappointment, still young enough at 24 to fulfill his promise.

"I spent a lot more time training during the summer, so I'm in great shape," Zyuzin said. "I took a step up, but it's easy to take a step up. It's hard to stay up there."

The problem is that the Devils already have three offensive defensemen on their roster, and a fourth would unbalance the partnerships of hitters and skaters. Ahead of Zyuzin are Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski and Oleg Tverdovsky in the skaters' division.

I also think V Bure is not a bad choice. But do we need another smaller winger. If he plays, the one of the young guys goes down, and we are still very small. O how I wish NEverson did not write this. No chance of it happening now.

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I really don't think the Panthers will take another defenseman.

Look at that :




Biron (another youngster, taken at the waivers draft)

In the farm : Novak. ; Rossiter ; Ulanov ; Thompson.

In juniors : Krajicek

With Florida choosing Biron, they are not going to trade for Zyuzin...they have enough high draft picks who didn't reach expectations! (as Ference or Ward)...even if Ward and Ference are disappointing, if Majeski and Bouwmeester lack of experience, if Rossiter and Novak are not fully ready for NHL, if Ulanov is not as good as they expected...

Who will score goals if they send Bure somewhere?!...they will want another forward in a trade.

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Well if Val & his dad made up since the Devs won the Cup, it's news to me, and I really don't care one way or another. Tee one thing I do care about is that Val Bure has been injured more often than not these past two seasons (isn't he hurt right now?). Why take a chance on someone that injury prone, who is smallish?

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Question: Who does Bure replace? Is he gonna replace Gionta??? God forbid we send everyone's new favorite Danton down. You could I suppose replace Big Jim or Turner but then you'd have to reshuffle the lines (since Bure's not exactly a crash-line type player, we'd have to find someone else to play on the fourth line) after Burns said in a prior thread he wanted everything to be settled at the start of the season.

I guess you could move Bure to the first line and bump Langer down to the fourth but that's probably a stretch especially since they're talking up Langer as this great two-way player in the making.

But do we really want a guy that's high-maintenance after Lou spent the summer getting rid of so-called "high-maintenance" guys? Lou himself said on the pregame the other night that this team was the most low maintenance he has had and obviously that was important to him this offseason as evidenced by the moves he made.

Plus it's funny how we want all these midgets (Fleury, Bure) and yet we make fun of the fact that we're a already small team just because we don't know what our midgets (Gionta, even Gomer to an extent) can do.

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Zyuzin for Bure?


Do we want an already small Devils team getting downright tiny?

Also, who would Bure knock out of the line-up?

Most likely candidates would be Gionta or Jefferton. It wouldn't be Stevenson or McKenzie, our only muscle.


The deal would have to be a package of Zyuzin AND a forward to open roster space for whoever comes in. With that being said, a package of Zyuzin and a forward would bring back more than just Valerie Bure. Possibly a bigger scoring forward, to add some size as well as offense.

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Val Bure hates his dad. Val Bure is hurt more than his brother Pavel. Do we really want Val Bure?

I don't particularly care for the younger Bure, and he isn't all that large either. So I kinda agree with M. on this one...

If we dump Zyuzin and then Dano retires next year, who will be our 6th d is my question?

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Keep checking players that can only score 5 goals a season, or get a smaller guy that can put up 20+ goals a season. The Devils have so many 3rd/4th liners, and Bure would be a great 2nd liner. This team needs scoring AND size, but scoring is much more important. The team is already small, McKenzie, Danton, Stevenson, etc. don't play with Elias, Newy, Friesen. So they can't provide effective body support for our top 2 lines. I would trade Zyuzin for Bure in a heart-beat. The Devils are already small, what difference does one more smaller player make.

It's either size or scoring, make your pick. I choose scoring.

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We don't need another small forward.

We don't want a Bure when we coulda had a Nolan

And how exactly were we supposed to get the captain of a top tier Western Conference team, a former 40 goal scorer? Keep dreaming...

I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to take a chance on Bure. It's not like the Devs are loaded with players with huge scoring potential. Zyuzin hasn't done anything that leads me to believe he will cash in on his potential. Besides, if the Devs were that high on him, wouldn't they make sure he was getting significant playing time so he could develop?

If we could trade him for some forward help, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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Maybe the SBT doesn't realize that The Devils don't need more defensive forwards, they need more offensive forwards.

Maybe the SBT doesn't realize that Val Bure played 80, 82, and 78 games in three of the last 4 seasons.

Maybe the SBT doesn't realize that Bure scored 88 goals and 122 points in those three years.

Maybe the SBT doesn't realize that Bure situation is similar to Mogilny's before he came to NJ.

Maybe the SBT doesn't realize that nobody is going to give us Joe Sakic for Andrei Zyuzin.

Or maybe he does.

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Interesting thoughts Blackjack.

The SBT is unimpressed.

The Devils need a quality 2-WAY forward.

Valerie Bure hasn't had a positive +/- rating since 96-97.

All players must demonstrate defensive responisbility.

Perhaps you didn't realize that Bure played in 31 games last year.

Don't ever compare Val Bure to Alexander Mogilny. Period.

Who said anything about Sakic for Zyuzin.

Now. Any questions?

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Questions? Just one.

What teams has Valeri played for since 96-97? (His last year as a + player)

I'm glad you noticed Bure only played 31 games last year. Injuries happen, 3 full years in a row followed by a half year doesn't indicate an injury prone player. To me an injury prone player is one who never seems to finish the season, see Kyle McLaren.

You're right, I shouldn't compare Mogilny to Bure, Bure is 5 years younger and half the price.

My job is not to impress the SBT, my job is to educate him.

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The entire Flames team, including Valerie Bure, were certainly poor defensively during those years. But Bure certainly didn't help the cause of team defense.

Valerie Bure's right knee is certainly injury prone.

Last season: Oct.16: tears meniscus, gets surgery, misses 37 games.

March 17: torn cartilage, gets surgery, misses last 14 games of season.

How long before the right knee gives him trouble again?

If Valerie Bure is 1/2 the price of Mogilny, then Val Bure's owners are getting ripped off. Because he has about 1/10th the talent of Mogilny.

It's a good thing you're not trying to impress the SBT, Blackjack.

Because it's not working.

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I'm not calling Valeri Bure a defensive specialist, but he's not a cherry picker either. If the SBT wants to see some mediocure +/- numbers the SBT should bring up Scott Gomez's stats for the last couple years. And Gomez plays with a superb defense and goaltender. That's why I put very little stock in +/-.

If the SBT would like to continue his education, lessons will resume tomorrow

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