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Remember the Retro Night Jerseys from 3/17/2010?

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Whos jersey will soon be in your possession?

I was able to get the Colin White, thanks to a friend who was higher on the list and bought it for me. I am very happy, because I try to focus my collection around guys on our '03 Cup team and White was a player I had been wanting to get anyway, so picking up his retro killed two birds with one stone for my collection!

ok - when i called, they said they had no information on it at the time and that i could "start" a waiting list and would be contacted.

i also recall reading that they wore 3 jerseys in that game - on each period for the purpose of auction/sale.

I believe the original plan was to wear a different jersey each period (like Opening Night at the Rock), but something went wrong and the Devils only got enough jerseys for one set.

I have a feeling that this year, the jerseys will be auctioned. Whether it is one set that is auctioned, or three sets where one is auctioned, one is sold, etc, like the Winter Classic, will be interesting to see. But auction is my gut feeling. I could be wrong, of course, because MeiGray surprised me by selling the '10 retros instead of sending them to auction, where they would have probably made more money. It was a great gesture on their part to sell to the request list.

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