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What a great goal by Danton. He just blew it by Denis and you could see how excited the kid was because he jumped up like he won the Cup.

It's nice to see Danton prove the naysayers wrong.

The 1st from the parts I caught, the NJ power play wasn't too good. I thought Madden looked good on the PK. Danton was playing well before his goal. Elias' line had one good shift where they drew a power play.

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hehe me likey!!

what a great game!! see it was really good becasue im in the comfort of my own home where i can scream and act like a complete moron and burp and fart and stuff!! jk jk

its been a really good game, from what i can hear the devils have played a hard game, few time they got caught napping, but they made up for it

o i think i can find it in my heart to forgive u... :)

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