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Happy 50th to the Great One

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I'm talking about game changer in the bigger sense which pretty much no athlete in any sport is a game changer.

If no athlete is a game changer, how is a knock on Gretzky that he isn't?

Gretz was the best player (by a wide margin) in the game for a few years. When Mario arrived I appreciated Wayne more because I just didn't like Mario. Not that Mario wasn't talented, I just thought Mario whined all the times despite getting the call every time. Though when I saw Gretzky more often with the rangers, he seemed to be in the refs ear all the time.

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Wayne was is a corner stone of the sport. He was the best. I don't like em never did especially for the Mickey Mouse comment; however you can't deny his skill and level of talent. I'm just annoyed now that everyone is saying the Sidney Crosby is the next one to take up his mantle. I just don't see it or maybe I just don't want to lol.

That aside Happy 50th Wayne!! :burn:

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It's a shame one comment by a kid in his young 20s has most Devils fans hating him. The comment was the 100% truth. From all accounts, it was a joke franchise. He probably regretted saying it.

Anyway, think Gretzky is the best of all-time or 3rd, he is one of the nicest classiest people in hockey history. He is an ambassador for the game and has done a marvelous job. He stayed out of conflict his entire career, which is pretty hard to do when you are such a high-profile athlete. He is the only player who ever played the game with the star power to attract celebrities and other sports fans who never cared for hockey. He's always had great respect for teammates, fans and media, which again isn't always the case with big time stars.

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Not to start a debate here... but Lemieux was the man... Gretsky had a great vision and was playing when goalies almost had old newspayer on their legs instead of pads lol but seriously... yeah he was superior to the rest of the guys but to me it seems SO obvious that Lemieux was better... WAY better

i mean come on... we all know what Mario went through... Mario had crazy skills, buddy was scoring deking throught 2-3 guys with an other one grabbed on his leg and some others knocking him on the head with their sticks then buddy was making fun of the goalie and BAM...

im not kidding that i dont think i ever saw 10 sweet goals by gretsky... seriously... they were always boring or he was just standing in the crease waiting for his teamate to give him the puck... then bang... backhand in the net...

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I said yesterday that Lemieux > Gretzky. Gretzky really padded his numbers in the 80s NHL with an All Star team. Both obviously great players.

Gretzky 1,487 games played 2,857 points 1.92 pts/game

Lemieux 915 games played 1,723 points 1.88 pts/game

I give the edge to Lemieux because he missed so many games with injury, recovering from Hodgkins, etc. He was still amazing even when he was older.

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