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Also with every game, it seems the cups they serve you in get bigger and bigger. Last week the cup I got was just slightly smaller than the cup they use for the regular medium sodas.

They're supposed to be around the size of the small cups. When we first started getting them it was like taking a shot of soda. They finally got their acts together.

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The food cards may be worthless to your drunken gluttonous arse :P I was able to feed my daughter and I on one :noclue: We didn't get the Chico Eats fare, nor did we have any alcohol.

I dont think you need to say the cards suck just because you find no use for it in your life. For me - It makes the difference between taking the offer up or not.

If you read my post, I do not buy beer at the arena whether I have a food card or not. But the for a $10 card what can you buy at the arena? $5.75 is 1 slice of pizza, $9 for a burger or chicken sandwich.

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There are 6 pages that I haven't read on this thread (so why are you posting then???), but here is a PRIME example of what the original post is talking about (and why I will not be renewing my full season next year).

Email that went out today by the Devils:

3 games in the balcony/mezzanine (where I bought my tickets for $45 a seat = over $3,500 committment to the team in April 2010)

$59...total. I paid $135. Screw you Devils. Not cool.

PS - Go Devils

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My wife and I had a partial plan this season, and just yesterday ponied up for our first full Seasons for next year. We’re looking at it in a different way: We’re seeing our STs as kind of like a club membership. We’re paying a certain fee upfront, and then we have access to whatever games we choose to attend for one full season. Now, from a purely practical standpoint I will of course try to sell off any tickets that we don’t use, and of course I will hope to break even on them if I can. But as far as that issue goes I have to agree with the person who said earlier the thing about buying clothes — you buy something at whatever you decide is a fair price for that item at the time you bought it; if someone comes along and gets a better deal on that same item later on, that’s just how life is. Commerce just works that way, whether it’s discounts on Devils tickets or t-shirts on the sales rack at Gap.

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