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Islanders vs. Penguins


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The worst part was, I had to listen to my buddy, who is a Pens fan, complain about how "classless the Islanders are" for running up the score and then gooning it up. I can't take people who say sh*t like that seriously.

I love how Pens fans resort to whining just like Crosby when things don't go their way.

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Haley destrooooyed Adams

is it just me or does it seem like the Refs let a LOOOOT of the fights go on longer than they should have? I know there's only 3 officials and whatnot, but some of them really got out of hand, some 1-on-1's could've been broken up earlier (see Konopka[sp?] standing over a prone Talbot, fist cocked back). I fvckin' love fighting but it gets to the point where its not really worth it to injure yourself and have that affect your play.

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What is it with these ridiculous brawl games lately? This one tops 'em all with an astounding 346 PIM!! By comparison, the Devils games tonight had 12 PIM.


yeah, I don't think you have to worry about us getting into one of those anytime soon. I dunno how many riots the league is going to allow before they do something, though. this one was pretty bad. :lol: the media "culture" these days isn't going to allow these incidents to happen, even if they're 1/10ths as bad as a 70's/80's hockey riot.

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a funny thing about this game, watching the replay now, it's not as good when it gets spoiled.

Paul Martin gets out of this game with a clean sheet. c'mon. :lol: I haven't seen him involved in one thing, and unless they just had mercy on the Pens because they had a short bench at the end of the game, I'm assuming it's not coming

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I LOVED watching the Montreal-Boston war on Wednesday and even the Dallas-Boston war last week but this game frankly became a 4-ring circus quickly. There were also a couple of flat-out attacks on a few players including Gilles blasting Tangradi in the his forearms in the head (touching off the largest brawl) then as Tangradi lay on the ice being attended to by the trainer there's Gilles talking sh!t at him at the door of the penalty box. Martin then also went after Talbot (don't mind as much because Talbot is a pest). It'll be interesting to see how the league handles Goddard coming off the bench to protect Johnson from the AHL meathead Haley that was called-up to play Troy Crowder. Haley was skating towards the penalty box for a previous fight when he then decided to go after Johnson at the other end of the ice.

That said its hard to feel simpathy for a team that employs and makes excuses for Matt Cooke.

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This game was crazy, nothing but fights. I do have to say that the Isle's dished it out to the Pens pretty good, who were ASKING for it. Not only beating them 9-3, but literally beating them up. If the game was any longer I am not sure that the peng (or isles) would have had enough players to finish the game.

Goddard should be gone 10+ games, and I am hoping other players are gone for 2+ games also (mostly pens). Gillies should be gone for MORE than 3 games for that elbow, lets see what the "NHL" does.

Paul Martin did not seem to be targeted at all, and had zero PM in the game. Guess he is respected even though he is a Peng? I dont think I have ever seen him do anything that could be even considered "dirty", or "bad"...

This is the second "line brawl" game that I have seen recently so lets see what happens here.

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Knowing Bettman didn't sleep a bit last night pleases me.

He slept just fine, knowing that he will be able to ensure that some isles are suspended for "hurting" his beloved pengs. If NO pengs are suspended then the NHL is a total joke at discipline and the GM's should cause the "management" to be gutted and retooled.

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