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Anyone else see shooting star during the day 2/14?


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Wow -- some of these people....

We had clear skies and it fell between buildings. Because of the perspective, we saw clearly It had a diagonal trajectory, not a straight to the ground trajectory -- and I saw it burn out far above our horizon line. We're also right in EWR/JFK/LGA flight pattern so we had airplanes to compare size and brightness too. Planes just looked tiny and dull compared to this guy! and forget the exhaust trail... that was no where NEAR as bright as this guys tail! The size that anything falling to the earth would have to have been --- just unthinkably huge.

It just looked exactly like a shooting star in broad daylight - appeared the same way, burnt out the same way. Only difference was shooting stars normally go across the sky more horizontally... I've seen them go apparently vertically when they're nearly above my head though

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yeah theres a meteor shower going on right now for the past month, i think the peak was the 8th

you can find a list of showers and their visibilities here, it automatically detects your location and has location-specific charts, pretty interesting:


in terms of seeing a shooting star during the day, its completely possible. every day thousands of meteorites burn up in earths atmosphere; we just associate meteors with the night sky because its easier to see them at night, when you don't have all the ultraviolet light filling the atmosphere

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Yeah - RWD - check out El D's link... a list of everyone else who saw it. I was saying above how differently I saw it from some of them. To me it was pretty clearly a daytime shooting star.

I'm into astronomy. I've never delved into it as much as I'd like - my dream career if I weren't such a lazy stupid pig would be astrophysicist!

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