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request for a new feature

Joe B

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since I browse from work way more often then I should I turn off the sigs and avatars. Is there a way to be able to put a colored box around posts depending on who posted it. I don't want to ignore the posts but it would be nice to know that I think the person posting is an idiot (or even that I should pay attention becasue I actually repect that persons opinion) before I get too worked up with what they wrote. Kinda like players notes for poker sites.

I know it's asking for a bunch, but it's worth a shot.


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:troll1: NAMBLA freak!

Love the :) in DM's post. Very apropos. :koolaid:

Now that I've posted here, Joe B's screen will probably turn black so he doesn't waste his time looking here now. :whistling:

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