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Just wanted to babble on about a few things at last nights game.

Yes, the crowd was getting on Cam Ward in the third period, downstairs gets a lot of crap for being quite just wanted to give props(is that what the kids are saying nowadays) to them when they are into the game

Zubrus blocked a shot(saw someone mention it hit his hand) with just under 7 mins left in the second. Finished his shift, and Kovy took his spot for the remaining couple shifts that period and to start the third. Zubes didn't come out for the begning of the third but did finish the game.

Stop with the stupid penalties please. Only reason the game got competative was the back to back penalties.

Kovy still makes something out of nothing. He is by far not perfect but sometimes he just creates opportunities where none should exist. He is just a frustrating player to watch becasue sometimes when you think he has a good chance nothing comes out of it. Reminds me of Jeremy shockey how he makes great diving catches but if you throw it to his numbers he drops the ball.

I thought Zharkov had a great game.

anyone else notice that Fayne and Salmala where out there together on the PK in the third. Actually, I'm sure you did becasue fayne got caught being too agressive and gave up a good chance.

I know I'm gonna get crap for this but the Moose chant is starting to get to me. i don't mind it when he makes a save. But when the shot is wide, he bobbles the puck and drops his stick or when he stops the puck behind the net stop with the moose calls. Please. It takes away from when he does make a good save. I won't even get that upset when he stops a shot from the blue line with no traffic although i think that is pushing it as well if the other

I am also disapointed that I only ate 6 dollar dogs. Although I still think I could have taken the guy in the hot dog eating contest.

A few mistakes here and there but I don't think any player had a bad game.

Was elias's goal considered 4 on 4?

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