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Zyuzin Out?


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Between (N)Єverson's column, and J.D. talking last night how there are several teams looking for 4th-6th defensemen, I'm wondering just where Zyuzin's gonna end up.

I've heard the V. Bure rumors. I've also heard M. Savard from Calgary (who is holding out now until he's moved). Who else could we honestly get for Zyuzin?

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We also don't need Savard. Talk about whining, heartless, soft players...no thank you.

I feel for Zyuzin because I think he worked hard & had a great camp. He needs to play. But we don't need Savard here.

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Savard is not holding out. He is centering the Flames' 2nd line at present and is said to be happier. The reason I wouldn't take a chance on him is his attitude is said to be total crap. That's why the Rangers unloaded him so quickly after a decent first year.

That being said, I agree with RoughDraft on Zyuzin. Daneyko is said to be retiring after this season. Zyuzin might be needed for the Devils' future D. He also had a strong preseason and deserves some ice-time. Why not rest Daneyko and Stevens some nights and let the kid play?

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More on Savard & his attitude...also stuff on Brendl - Derek, at least the Rags kept Lundmark & unloaded Brendl to get Lindros.


Attitude won't get you far


Calgary Herald

Philly rearguard Eric Desjardins helps goalie Roman Cechmanek repel troublemaker Martin Gelinas on Saturday.

The National Hockey League is a tough place to cop an attitude these days. If your MO is Prince on skates, you had better fill the net on a consistent basis or get ready for a lot of down time in the press box.

There are a hundred guys willing to take your place. Two shining examples -- one from the Calgary Flames, one from the Philadelphia Flyers -- illustrated the point on Saturday as the Flames looked for win No. 1 on the season.

One is a skilled centre, a man with undeniable scoring skills on a team that has posted an all-points bulletin for someone, anyone to supply offence on the second line. Then the bruising Philadelphia Flyers come to Calgary for the second game of the season and he is benched because the coach wants a bigger lineup.

The man who is deemed more physical is a rookie Swede. If you could kick sand in the face of Marc Savard, the Flames did it Saturday night.

Make no mistake, this is not a sympathy call for Savard. If he's in this bed, it's because he made it, hospital corners and all.

A sorry attitude about playing the southern hemisphere of the rink and scoring stats that get most guys an all-expenses trip to European hockey will do that to you. But for pete's sake, is there something that happened between puck-drop on Thursday's opener and the start of the game with the Flyers that changed the essential facts about a one-way centre who agitates everyone on both player benches?

At first, it was thought that he was being held out pending a long-anticipated trade. But GM Craig Button swears that there's nothing pending on the Savard front. If you believe the club's management (and others around the loop) no one wants to give up more than a few gum wrappers for Savard. And while the Flames would be happy to drive Savard to the airport for a one-way trip to the far side of the league, they don't intend to simply hand away a man who can score 65 points in a defensive NHL.

Normally, Savard takes his frequent lashings from management with equanimity, joking and acting the clown. But before the game on Saturday, he was the picture of a beaten man. Peeling off his skates, speaking in a bare whisper, Savard looked like man looking at hard time in a cold cell. And the game that followed couldn't have done much for his spirits.

His mates, shut out by the Canucks, found their offensive touch without him against the Flyers, a team many feel will represent ther East in the Stanley Cup final. In the first period, it was a reprise of the home opener, with Roman Turek absorbing a hellacious pounding from opposing forwards, while the young Flames did a Mongolian fire drill in their own end. The shots weren't the frightening 17-4 of the Canucks disaster, but the 10-4 margin was decisive enough. Only the ample pillows on Turek's legs kept it from a rout.

But the Flames put up a four-spot in the second period, assuring coach Gilbert that, for now, he can live without Savard in the lineup. The question is will Savard get that message and change or will he dig in his heels and wait for the inevitable trade?

While Savard cooled his Rockports in the press box, former Hitmen prodigy Pavel Brendl was gathering splinters on the Flyers bench.

Brendl has promised great things since his Calgary days, but delivered only a sour disposition and barely concealed boredom. He quickly wore out his welcome in New York, where the Rangers love anyone with a scoring touch. But Brendl's personal touch and his scoring touch were about the same on Broadway. They closed on Saturday night.

The Flyers then acquired him in hopes that a new address and some maturity might re-open the scoring spigot he displayed in the Western Hockey League.

But the water of the Delaware was no sweeter for the young Czech and Brendl is once again a marginal player, skating occaisional minutes at the whim of the coach. As he returned to the Saddledome, site of his old heroics, Brendl was in danger of joining Savard in the press box. Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock was saying he couldn't be sure if he'd play the 21-year-old in Calgary or somewhere else down the line

In the end, Hitchcock relented, allowing No. 55 to suit up. But Brendl saw less ice than fans trying to navigate the wintry parking lot on their way home. It seems a terrible waste of talent, but as Alexandre Daigle discovered, the NHL of today has no time to waste on image makeover. It's get with the program or get a new line of work. Both Pavel Brendl and Marc Savard need to absorb the lesson -- fast.

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I definitely think that Zyuzin should stay, without a doubt. This guy is going to be getting better and better, and Daneyko definitely is on the way down. When that Columbus kid split the D last night, you just had to groan that Stevens and Daneyko were the defensemen on that play.

I think Zyuzin should be playing more than half the games this season. I hope that he plays against Nashville, if he has a bad game, you can reconsider.

And contrary to Burns, I believe that Zyuzin with Rafalski or Niedermayer would be alright (Tvo I havent a clue how he plays)

However, I must note that Tvo hasnt been as solid in the Devils end of the rink as everyone else, but then again I only watched the Ottawa game.

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I'm of 2 minds here. I would like the additional offense a healthy Val Bure could bring to the team. On the other hand, I love Zyuzin's upside and think he'll be a very good defenseman on this team. I think the Devils have enough offense to win this season and next season the Devils will need Zyuzin even more as Danyeko and Stevens get another year older so I think we should keep Zyuzin and for god sakes play him sometime.


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I don't think trading Zyuzin is such a great idea, especially if guys like Dano are going to get a rest throughout the year. Also, if we get some injuries on d, and Zu has been dealt to another team, it weakens the depth.

Keep in mind that Dano is supposed to also hang the skates up after this yr... no?

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Zyuzin I hope the Keep him>

Some here are saying because of Dano.

I say play Zyuzin in place of Stevens, he couldn't play worse than stevens did Saturday night, no one in the NHL defense could play as bad if they tried. Forget his groin pull he sould have sat out then.

Trade Stevens. I know who wants him.

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Get Real-

While I'm no Stevens fan, i also know you don't just trade him and get what you can. For the Devils to trade them, they'd have to get bowled over. It wouldn't be them seeking a trade. It would be another team who wanted Stevens so bad that they overpaid for him.

I really don't think that team exists, although you seem to think one does.

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