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Haha when they were doing that interview I could only watch that guy. First the security guard asked him to move and he did, then he came right back, called someone, was waving, then dipped into conversation on the phone, then goes back to waving again...Wonder who he was...

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I saw this live and was cracking up!

His positioning was perfect (and i dont think intended at first). Dont think he knew he was directly in the shot. He was just there to watch the interview). He was loving every damn second of it, just genuinly enjoying watching the interview lol.

Btw whats the deal with Engbloms hair?

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I can't think of a good caption to that photo, but it does remind me of the scene from "History of the World Part I" where the Mel Brooks character gets into the da Vinci painting of the Last Supper (pictured standing behind Jesus).


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