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Devils Trade Arnott to Capitals


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Over 63% faceoff winning percentage, #1 in the league.

They brought in Adam Oates, who has already paid dividends for this team in the faceoff circle, and now they trade for the league's top guy. Ya think Lou is trying to build this team up in a particular direction?

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I guess that's fine then considering he'll be on the third or fourth anyway.


That'd be my guess. But knowing Lemaire, if he's that consistent on faceoffs, we might even see Kovy - Steckel - Palmieri at times, espc in the beginning to see where he fits.

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He's good at winning face-offs and he's a regular on the penalty kill. Better than losing Arnott for nothing. I see him as kind of a Madden/Pandolfo hybrid. He's big (6'5") and like it's been said, good in the circle and on the PK, but he'll only chip in about 20 points a year.

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Seems like a good 3rd or 4th line guy when the contract is considered.

I worry Lou could have gotten a better return but took less to someone who could still help this season.

the turn around has been built on an improved defense. Replacing Arnott with a defenisve liability while centering a rookie and 2nd year player would have left a hole. 4'th line has been solid as well so don't want to tinker too much either.

Pk'er and good face offs. hopefully he doesn't sulk from going from how many rounds whould we win to do we make the dance?

Cap hit info anyone?


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I think we got to little for him. Just not worth it.

What did you expect for a guy who was apathetic about staying, was almost certain to leave in July, and has a pretty large cap hit?

We won this deal. We got a guy who is useful and affordable for a couple of years.

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he's at 1.1M for two more seasons.

as for people thinking they should have gotten more? what more? if the Caps were the only team seriously interested, what do you take? they don't have a 2, they don't have a 3.

Arnott has blown for around 2 months. just getting him off the roster is a big plus.

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After reading up on Steckel I like this deal. It would have been nice to get a pick but Washington didn't have a 2nd or 3rd to offer (nor do we know if Arnott would still command that). The Devils get a large center, at a decent contract for the next 2 years, who is great on face offs, who has some playoff experience. It may not be a sexy move but this could look better if next years team does as well as we all think it can. Steckel can be a nice complimentary player.

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