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Devils Trade Arnott to Capitals


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I really like Arnott and I was against trading him because I assumed the return would be a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick from a playoff team, meaning an unfavorable pick.

What did Arnott bring at $4.5 million that Steckel won't bring us for $1.1 million. They both have size and faceoff prowess, and Steckel can play the PK.

Edit: now that we have the 2nd round pick the situation has improved further.

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Good good, the Devils didn't sacrifice greater future return just to get a player who can play now. That's satisfying then.

best of both worlds. you got a guy that can automatically step in and at his worst, fill arnott's void and you get a 2nd rounder next year. even if it's a low pick, it's still something. i really like this. there's no rolling the dice here -- lou made a solid deadline move for the first time in a few years. whew.

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I like it and tsn confirms the 2nd round pick but its saying 2011


The New Jersey Devils have cleared some salary as they have sent forward Jason Arnott to the Washington Capitals in exchange for forward David Steckel and a second-round draft pick in 2011.

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Considering how much we've paid in the past for 3rd- and 4th-line centers (Holik and Arnott come to mind), $1.1M for the next two years for a big guy who can win draws sounds nice.

An additional 2nd-rounder next year, escpecially if that's the year we give up our 1st because of Kovygate, then that's nice too.

All in all, it's looking like a job well done for Lou.

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soooooooooo, Steckel????? I would have rather gotten a couple picks and given Josefson the 3rd line center spot.

Steckel kills penalties and wins faceoffs, ie perfect for a 3rd line center. The Devils project Josefson as a second line center type of player. Different players for different roles.

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