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March 18th is Retro Night.


Retro Night.  

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  1. 1. Will We Still Be In The Playoff Race? (8 games until then - we probably need to go 7-1)

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I started this? In my mind? Dude, you said something that just wasn't true. I tried pointing you in the direction of some quotes you may not have seen, but instead of dropping your ridiculous claim, you insisted that the words "I'm at the end of my career" couldn't possibly be interpreted as a hint at retirement. And you did it not once, not twice, but thrice.

If someone says they're AT THE END of something, then maybe they're hinting that they're AT THE END of something. Maybe. It's possible. If you can't grasp that, then I don't know what to tell you.

(Enough links for one post?)

What was my ridiculous claim? What did I say that "just wasn't true"? First off, re-read the OP and review how posters all of a sudden were like, "What is with the hate for Arnott? How could you boo the guy that scored our cup winning goal"

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"i'm at the end of my career"

this could be interpreted as retiring after this season, sure i can totally see your point beno, but it could also be interpreted as next year or even 2 years. Its subjective.

its not like theres some ultimatum which is the sure fire END of his career. When you watch a movie, there's a definite end; hockey careers are completely different things. The only person who knows the answer to this is Arnott, and he might not even know at this point. This argument is moot because its pure speculation so technically no one is right.

More importantly, who cares? He did a lot of good things in NJ, time to move on. Your opinion is your own opinion, each to his own. This isn't about Arnott or his desire for a cup, or his loyalty. Its about our New Jersey Devils making history. Not Martin Brodeur, not Ilya Kovalchuk, not Jamie or Jason. The New Jersey Devils. Our team.

So focus on the task at hand.

And drink up :koolaid:

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