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Watch Prudential Center being built...sorta

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If anyone has used the newest version of Google Earth (version 6), there is a feature to not only use current satellite images, but you can also use this slider and go back in time and see previous satellite images through the years. Thought it was pretty cool to see how the site where our home now sits went from being a few buildings and a parking lot to everything it is now...





The most recent image. Notice by now (2010) Championship Plaza is completed in the upper right


And of course the 3D modeling in Google Earth: Notice the statue is up in Championship Plaza.


Thought it was pretty cool to see the evolution.

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Ah, I remember the excitement of slowly watching it go up over the months and years.

Also, I seem to recall a thread titled South of the Border in relation to the move to Newark...I didn't entirely get it at the time...but having just driven to/from Florida last week, I think I get it now. Call it a four-year delayed reaction. :lol:

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