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Isles upset with calls after OT loss


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No Jack your right giving Palmieri a hug and pulling him away from the puck isn't a penalty, idiot.

I am trying to figure out exactly what penalties they are referring to. First one was cheap but I thought the Kovy call was bascialy a make-up so it was a wash. I thought the refs did a good job of letting a lot of ticky tack stuff go without letting the game get out of hand. Clarkson was taken down from behind and it looked like the goalie gave him a shot with his blocker. the other two the stick got under the arms and pulled a player down or lifted him off a skate. My dad actually commented that it was one of the better reffed games of we've seen. Mair may have gotten away with continuing to fight when the other player was on the ice. I know mair was upset to get hit when he bounced up but the linesman had his arm around the isle and let it go becasue the other linesman wasn't on mair.

wondering why your team gets a 10 misconduct, maybe it's from bitching about the refs. Ask Robbie Ftorek what constantly yelling at the ref gets you. It gets you every close call going against you.

Calling them out publicly, you think they will get any benifit of the doubt now? Unless this is trying to get an us agasint the world attitude in the lockeroom, this is not the right way to go for a rookie coach. Welcome to the NHL.

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